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"Eighteen years ago I was involved in a serious automobile accident which left me in constant pain and walking with a limp.  (Now) The headache is gone, I walk without a limp and the pain in my legs and hips is nearly gone."     -Anton S.

San Diego Chiropractor: Auto Injuries

San Diego Chiropractor helps with Auto Accident Injury, Whiplash, Neck Pain 

In San Diego, CA, auto accidents are a frightening experience that can be made even worse when an injury is involved. With luck, those will not be serious, though even minor injuries can sometimes linger for what seems like an eternity. Among the most common auto accident injuries are headaches, whiplash, and neck pain and/or stiffness. None of the three may sound particularly serious, but for those who are dealing with them each and every day, the issues couldn’t be more real.


Whiplash, headaches, neck pain, neck stiffness, pain and numbness in the arms and/or hands, low back pain, and other associated injuries are sometimes caused by the impact, but the sudden stop associated with an auto accident is another reason pain is so prevalent when a car crash occurs. The pain that is prevalent in the back, between the shoulders, and neck after an accident is due to the stretching and potentially tearing of the muscles or tendons in those areas. And while you may have been living with that pain for some time, or had been convinced that there was nothing you could do to alleviate it, there is good news – you can get rid of that pain in your neck once and for all through quality corrective chiropractic care.


The fundamental instrument in healing through corrective chiropractic care is your own body. It is a safe and effective way to achieve results by removing any obstructions from the body to the mind in order to allow a natural healing process to occur. Natural means that there will be no invasive and potentially dangerous surgeries to undergo, and no prescriptions to pick up every month. The treatment procedures will be different for each patient depending on their maladies, but can involve spinal rehabilitation, massages, as well as core and posture exercises.


The fact is, nobody desires to get in a car accident, but they are unfortunately a part of life.  Accidents can happen at any given moment in time, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in pain forever. If you have suffered an auto accident injury, keep in mind that auto insurance may help pay for the treatments, so there is no need to think twice about getting safe, effective, world class evidence-based care available in San Diego, CA, call your Mission Valley chiropractor Dr. Kim Khauv today.


With over 18 years experience, Dr. Kim Khauv is an award winning, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) public health and prevention trained, National Board certified, corrective care chiropractor who has published and presented research nationally and internationally in chiropractic care, wellness, and prevention. He provides safe, effective, and evidence-based chiropractic care to his patients both at his private practice in Mission Valley, San Diego and to active duty military members at Navy Medical Center San Diego. Conditions that have responded well to chiropractic care are headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, pregnancy related back pain, sciatica, and auto injuries.  Call 619-862-3195 today to start enjoying life again.

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