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Mission Valley Chiropractor: Back Pain

Mission Valley Chiropractor helps Back Pain Sufferers to Enjoy Life Again 

There are many cases involving low back pain. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 people suffer from low back pain at some point in life. The pain is usually caused by among other things poor posture, injury, and pregnancy. There are people whose pain disappears within a few days while others spend months and years with the pain. Back Pain can decrease work productivity and prevent you from doing many physical tasks.


The common symptoms of low back pain include pain on the lower back area that gets worse with activity, headaches, pain, numbing and/or tingling down the legs and increased fatigue. The tingling down the legs is caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve that extends from the low back down to the back of the legs. 


Chiropractic Adjustments


Most of the above causes of lower back pain result in a misaligned spine at the lower back. This puts pressure on the nerves at this area causing the pain. The Doctor of Chiropractic is especially trained to help low back pain patients find relief through evidence-based care. He uses a series of chiropractic spinal correction techniques to align the misaligned vertebrae and relieve the nerves of the pressure.


The chiropractic adjustment therapy may be done by the use of hands or use of a device that applies controlled force on the particular joint that has the pain. The force applied depends on the kind and the extent of spinal correction required. Spinal adjustments improve the condition in some patients while others have to follow up with a few visits. 


Your Mission Valley chiropractor will also advise on the best measures to prevent the pain from recurring such as good posture, weight loss, proper exercise and dietary advice. You will be required to come for additional therapy and further checkups to determine the improvement. Chiropractic care has been very effective in many patient often completely relieving them of the pain.


Unlike conventional health care, chiropractic care is a non-drug and non-surgical, safe alternative health care. It is safe even for people that are suffering from other conditions as arthritis, or injury and pregnancy.


Most PPO insurance companies also cover the cost of chiropractic care.  If you have chronic low back pain or any of the above symptoms, visit the Mission Valley chiropractor for evidence-based, quality, safe and effective back pain relief.


With over 15 years experience, Dr. Kim Khauv is an award winning, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) public health and prevention trained, National Board certified, corrective care chiropractor who has published and presented research nationally and internationally in chiropractic care, wellness, and prevention. He provides safe, effective, and evidence-based chiropractic care to his patients both at his private practice in Mission Valley, San Diego and to active duty military members at Navy Medical Center San Diego. Conditions that have responded well to chiropractic care are headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, pregnancy related back pain, sciatica, and auto injuries.  Call 619-862-3195 today to start enjoying life again.

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